Defending A Will

Are you an Executor of a Will that is being disputed and need help defending it?

It is not uncommon that people who are not satisfied with the distribution of the estate try to challenge a Will or make an inheritance claim to obtain what they believe is their rightful Inheritance.

It is up to either the person in charge of the execution of the Will (called the executor) or a major beneficiary to defend the Will. The first step in defending the Will is to determine whether the person challenging it is eligible to make any claim on the Estate.

The only way to avoid a challenge to your Will is to engage an experienced will lawyer, like the team at Macdonald Rudder Lawyers to prepare your will.  If you wish to exclude a child or your spouse or de facto partner from your will, you must spell out in great detail in your Will why you are excluding them. Otherwise they will almost surely start Contesting your Will.

If you need help to defend a Will, please contact us. At Macdonald Rudder Lawyers we have been successfully defending wills for over 30 years. Our experienced lawyers will be able to advise you on the best course of action.