Parental responsibility to children following separation or divorce

When families separate it is often a very challenging time for everyone involved, especially children. Emotions are intensified and it can be difficult to separate them from everything else that needs to happen following a separation. While it is never the intention of parents to hurt their children, unfortunately, the [...]

Are there financial requirements following separation or divorce?

The short answer is yes. There are financial requirements for when you and your spouse or partner separate or divorce according to Family law. Sometimes during a marriage, couples purchase assets or properties jointly or invest in income generating ventures. Some couples pool their assets and properties together or keep [...]

Writing a Will – 5 Reasons to engage a Wills and Estates Lawyer

Writing a Will is vital. It is estimated that almost 50% of Australians die without a Will. Which means you are leaving it up to the Courts to decide how your Estate is distributed. Do you want to leave it up to the courts to distribute your Estate? Here are [...]

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